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meet our staff

who runs this whole thing?

Camille Sipple

station Co-manager


Brian RackHam, Ph.D.

media innovation center director and

Faculty Advisor to KJACK.


Jason Smith

Production Manager

Logan Bridge

Station Co-Manager


Hi everyone! My name is Camille and I'm one of KJACK's Station Managers this year! I love spending time at the station but outside of school I also love the outdoors, reading, traveling and just exploring new places. I originally joined KJACK because I wanted to not only hear my music on the station but also because I wanted to have a platform where I could share good music with others — something I absolutely love to do!

Natalie Davis

Programming C0-manager


I joined KJACk because I’ve always have had an interest in radio and it was a great chance to experiment with it as well as get some experience to see if it was for me! My favorite hobby is rock climbing, and one of my goals is to be a published novelist. 

Kenzie McKallor

Promotions C0-manager


Hi, I'm Kenz - just one of the swag promotion managers this semester in KJACK! I joined the station because I love music and people and promoting events to bring the two together! I love hummus, hate loud cars, and one time i went skydiving but probably wouldn’t do it again!

grace lamb

social media C0-manager


Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be one of your Social Media Managers! I am going into my junior year and I am studying Marketing and Advertising. Some groovy facts about me are that I loveeeeeee Harry Styles and Peter McPoland… iykyk! This is my 4th semester in KJACK and I joined because I hope to work in the music industry in the future and I thought this would be a great introduction and fun opportunity for me!

casey everett

sports manager


Hey guys! I am Casey Everett! I am the KJACK sports director for the fall semester! I am from Santa Barbara, California and I am so excited for this upcoming semester! I love everything sports and could probably talk about them for way too long! I am a senior this year so this is my last hurrah!

daisy johnston

news co-manager


I joined KJACK because I love writing about news with The Lumberjack and thought it would be cool to see how that translates on air.

Fun facts:

When I was younger, Barbara Streisand said she thought I had potential as an actress.

Me and my friends listened to the crazy frog CD on loop three times on a road trip once.


Yo, My name is Jason and I am the director of the production department at KJACK radio! I am currently a junior studying strategic communications and I am going into my fifth semester here at KJACK. When I got to NAU, KJACK was one of the classes I was most excited for, and I have loved my time in it thus far. Some other facts about me is that I’m Canadian, I love music, play lead guitar in a band, and I love snowboarding. I’m looking forward to working with you all and having a great semester!

MAX Schrader

Music Manager


Hey, I'm Max! This is my third semester with KJACK and my first semester working as the music manager! The only things I love more than music are people and their stories, which is why I'm majoring in both anthropology and art history here at NAU. In my free time, I love being in nature, and I'm trying my hardest to improve on taking care of plants, as well. Otherwise, my life is all about creating and sharing art with others! Joining KJACK was a life-changing choice for me, as it got me involved in so many creative opportunities on campus that I never would have had access to before!

sam finateri

sales Manager


Fun fact #1: I like anime.

Fun fact #2: I love going to concerts/moshing.

I joined KJACK because I thought it would be fun!

donoven ong

engineering Manager


I am a sophomore and the Operations Manager/ Chief Engineer for KJACK. I am also the Sound Technician/ Manager for Prochnow Auditorium so I work with all the artists that come to NAU. If you have a passion for literally anything and want to talk about it on the air waves, join KJACK and you can tell your kids how you were a cool radio DJ in college.

ainsley fraser

website Manager


I adore music and being apart of a community, and KJACK was a combination of the two. Working on something bigger than myself, and for the whole city, seemed incredible. Fun facts: 

Fun facts:
1. I have a huge CD collection that ranges from Frank Sinatra to Billie Eilish.
2. My go-to comfort movie is the Pitch Perfect series.

My name's Logan and I'm one of the Station Managers at KJACK. I originally joined KJACK my Freshman year because I loved the idea of playing Music on air. I love music, movies and history, and I will start student teaching in high school next year!

DAvid Hecker

Programming Co-manager


I’m David Hecker! I love chocolate chip cookies and I can predict the weather with my bones!
I joined KJACK because of my love for music and wanting to expand my music taste!

halli smith

Promotions Co-manager


My two fun facts are I was born overseas and I can do the splits! I joined KJACk to find a community of people who care about the same things as me and to be more involved on campus. KJACK is a place for creatives to come together and share ideas!

kiana orozco

social media Co-manager


Hey y’all! So pumped to have this Manager position! A little bit about me… I’m going to be a senior this fall (very exciting but scary stuff)! I’m majoring in Political Science and Journalism. I have two cats, Kimchi and Soju, and I have a pretty sick chin scar from roller skating! I joined KJACK to try my hand in radio hosting and I love it. I can play my music and talk about all kinds of topics!

michael manny

assistant sports manager


Hi, my name is Michael Manny and I am the new assistant KJACK sports director! I’m from Glendale, Arizona and love all the Arizona sports teams and NASCAR! I have been a part of KJACK Sports for almost two years now and have loved every second! I love co-hosting my own show and doing live broadcasts of high school sports!

olivia vester

news co-manager


Hi! I’m Olivia and I’m super excited to be one of the news managers this year! I’m a sophomore and I’m majoring in Journalism and Political Science. Fun facts about me are that I have 4 dogs and 2 cats and I love to bake:) I joined KJACK because college radio looked cool in Pitch Perfect and it turns out, it is! This is my second semester doing KJACK and I’m hyped for the new year!

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