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An interview with BATTLE OF THE BANDS WINNER gone before us

Interview by Joey Davis

On November 4th 2021, Battle of the Bands happened and

it was a blast. So much cool music was played by some really

stellar bands while everyone in the crowd moshed and just had a good time. Flowing to the music. It was such a cool experience that will be remembered for sure.

Afterwards, I got to talk a bit with the winning band of the competition, Gone Before Us.

● Joey: Let's start off by just saying, congrats on winning.

How did you enjoy the show? Have any favorite parts?

○ Gone Before Us: Honestly, our favorite part was all of

it. All the bands were amazing, we did really well, and

then we won at the end. This was probably the biggest

venue we played at and people liked the songs we

were playing. We can’t say that we are

Arizona/Flagstaff’s number one boyband without

actually proving it.

● Joey: Listening to you play the show and listening to your

music while I was researching for this interview, I noticed a

really cool kind of punk rock vibe. Do you guys plan on

continuing in that genre or are you going to explore genres

a bit?

○ Gone Before Us: We do love that punk aspect but we

are also going to funk a bit. We don’t really go in with

a set genre in mind.

● Joey: I really like your guy’s name. It really goes with that

punk rock vibe. Is there a specific meaning behind it?

○ Gone Before Us: It can mean the historic, iconic

artists that came before us but we leave it up to the

fan’s interpretation mostly.

● Joey: What are your biggest influences for your music?

○ Gone Before Us: James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Rage

Against the Machine, Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix,

Blink 182, bands and artists like that.

● Joey: Do you guys have anything coming up that you’d

like to tease?

○ Gone Before Us: We have some shows coming up

and some songs coming out. Now that we have more

studio time, we are going to have a lot more content

coming out. We are playing in Beverly Hills, with our

good friends Bethany Home from phoenix.

I really loved talking to them and listening to what they had to

say about these questions. This night will definitely be one to

remember for sure.

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