• Miranda Santos

Artist Profile: Prince

With his flamboyant image and noteable far-reaching vocal spans, the most consistent artist in the world of contemporary music continues to bring millions and millions of people across the globe boundless pride, entertainment, incentive, and of course, pure joy. Creating a unique mixture of soul, punk, rock, R&B, psychedelia, pop, and new wave, it’s fair to say he has left his mark on a broad field of musicians. Prince Rogers Nelson, more commonly known simply as Prince, was well-loved for his diverse set of skills from flawlessly presenting and performing an array of talents to creating a safe space for the LGBTQ


Prince always knew how to wow the crowd as he would display

breathtaking versatility within his productions. Not only had he mastered nearly two dozen instruments, but he would work alongside his bandmates to create such elaborate performances that few people could manage to balance. In addition to his various instrumental skills, vocally, his range could fulfill all areas of articulated talents. He could sound innocent, lonely, bluesy, humorous, lustful, seductive, desperate, robotic, and mysterious- all within his own verbal capacity. A few of my personal favorites from Prince that highlight such flexibilities include “Do Me Baby,” “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Little Red Corvette.”

However, this icon wasn’t only admired for his vast production skills, but for his fluid attitudes of persona. He stimulated our rigid country long before gender had even become such an everyday dispute of society. Prince’s lyrics, fashion, and provocative dance moves had collectively depicted a sort of sexual freedom and immunity. He was explicitly desiring and aroused--as he confirmed with his selection of apparel--and was even bold enough to be completely or partially stripped from these clothes on stage. Or, on the other hand, he’d do the exact opposite with his stylistic choices by flaunting his facial perfection and lavish, dazzling shirts accompanied by heaps of sparkles and color.

Overall, very few artists of his prestige are as functional and skilled in one area as Prince is in many. This immensely valued figure was a man of many eternal compassions. From his extravagant productions to his expressive acceptance, his spirit will always be remembered and embraced. All in all, today’s culture is so incredibly lucky to have been glamorized by the many talents and endless amounts of love from this revolutionary icon-- may Prince’s essence and soul be carried on forever.

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