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North Coast by Goth Babe, an EP Review

His second EP of 2020, Griff Washburn, otherwise known as “Goth Babe” delivers another collection of Northwestern United States-esque dream pop indie songs. Taking his name from the Surf Curse song, Washburn currently lives out of his mobile home, exploring the great Pacific Northwest, with his lovely dog Sadie. Goth Babe is one of those artists who knows just what sound they want to create and North Coast might be his best example of this so far. Arguably his strongest release to date, North Coast perfectly captures the sound of the Northwestern United States. This is not just limited to Oregon and Washington however, as any of the three tracks on this album fit perfectly while walking through the forest here in Flagstaff, Arizona. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this EP track by track.

“The Trees:” Starting us off, “The Trees” is a vibey MGMT-esque indie bedroom pop track that takes you on Washburn’s spiritual journey. From Goth Babe’s official Instagram “The Trees” is about “a tough but growing relationship with God, along with the struggles and life that comes with it.” Easily one of my favorite opening tracks off of any Goth Babe project, the part that stands out the most here would have to be the chorus. Repeating the line “You want my heart and I want more,” the melody here is ethereal and if there is a God, it sounds like they helped Griff out a little here.

“As She Dreams:” Definitely my favorite song on the EP, from Goth Babe’s instagram, “As She Dreams” is about “an argument with my partner on NYE that led to understanding each other better.” With an instrumental driven by strummed acoustic chords and layers of synth and keyboard, “As She Dreams” takes you on a journey and will have you thinking about that special someone. Grabbing your attention from the start with another Goth Babe signature banger chorus, Washburn again doesn’t miss here, especially during the flawless transition to his falsetto as he sings “Only for a moment, I want you to know that, I will only be right back.”

“Moments/Tides:”No stranger to outdoor activities, Washburn loves to surf and “Moments” is Goth Babe’s “ode to the ocean” for all the “life and clarity” it gives him. As the final track on the three song EP and most listened to on Spotify, “Moments” once again proves that Goth Babe simply does not miss. With an instrumental driven by vocal melodies and atmospheric keyboard, Washburn has created yet another vibey North-Western dream pop song that would fit right at home on a playlist for your next roadtrip.

North Coast is an EP that always makes you a little sad when it comes to an end, but it’s just short enough so you can listen to it again and again. An artist who has yet to release a bad song, Goth Babe seems to keep improving with each new release, and I can’t wait to hear what he puts out next.

Final score: 9/10

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