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Specialty shows

you don't want to miss these!

IMG_7165 - Kenzie McKallor.jpg

the groove garden

Tuesdays 6 PM - 7 PM

hosted BY kenzie mckallor

Major / Minor:  Creative Media and Film

About Kenzie:   I am a lover of music and movies and hummus. My friends are awesome and I love to be outside :)

About the show:  The Groove Garden is a show where peace, love, and music merge to create heaven on air.

6AFBA1CD-F56D-4C9F-BBD8-30B9AD6CFB09 - Charlie Birnbaum_edited.jpg

the Charlie hour Deluxe

Mondays 4 PM - 5 PM & Tuesdays 7 Pm - 8 PM

hosted BY charlie birnbaum

Major / Minor:  Strategic Communication

About Charlie:   Some of my favorite music artists are JID, Monsune, and Omar Apollo! My favorite concert that I’ve been to was a Hans Zimmer concert. I come from Los Angeles, California and a fun fact about me is that I love dentistry!!

About the show:  The Charlie Hour Deluxe is the ultimate deep dive into the world of unknown cryptids and creatures. In my show, I bring on people who say they have encountered these creature and I also talk about how to beat those creatures. It also is literally a parody show.

8-cV6ZJ9wf1WmcATc - Bryson Inman.png

the bison hour

saturdays 5 PM - 7 PM

hosted BY bryson inman

Major / Minor:  History

About bryson:   I'm from Farmington New Mexico. I'm into all music, but found my love for the 60s and 70s classic rock. The best concert I have seen would be the Jack White concert.

About the show:  Playing the music of the past and the present. Talking to the listeners about little factoids of each band. It's a way to connect old with new and finding ones in between.

35BB73EF-B3AC-45C5-8C1B-474EE09817E6 - Katie Squires.jpeg

star power

fridays 8 aM - 9 aM

hosted BY katie squires

Major / Minor:  English

About katie:   I write music and love going to all kinds of concerts. I miss all of the venues in Phoenix!

About the show:  Star Power takes a deeper dive into musicians’ inspirations and paths to fame. Every week I focus on genres, decades, or a specific artist to discuss what makes them unique.

rewind records graphics - Max Schrader.png

rewind records


hosted BY max schrader

Major / Minor:  Anthropology & Art History

About max:   Hey, I'm KJACK's Music Manager for this semester! When I'm not in the booth or going to class, I'm at work as an intern in the NAU Art Museums, hanging out outside, or making art!

About the show:  Rewind Records centers on hip hop: its artists, its stories, and the genres that shaped it. Each week, I focus on a different artist and their influences or a theme that crosses decades of the genre. You can find more info on Instagram @rewindrecords.kjack !

image - James Ainsworth_edited.jpg




Major / Minor:  James: Mechanical Engineering, Matthew: Music

About James & Matthew:   We are both from Gilbert and went to high school together. We both love all kinds of music like emo, jazz, punk, alternative, indie, and folk. We’re in a band that doesn’t have a name, doesn’t practice, and hasn’t released any music, but we’re working on it.

About the show:  We play a lot of emo, alternative, indie, and anything else we’re feeling. Some of our favorite bands Title Fight, Mom Jeans, and Marietta.

905C06C5-E87A-4726-BAE4-082FD99FCA11 - Sydney Stanley_edited.jpg


thursdays 4 PM - 5:30 PM


Major / Minor:  Advertising Major & Anthropology Minor

About SYDNEY:   I’m Sydney! I’m from Phoenix and love KJACK because it allows me to live out my dream of being an irrelevant radio DJ!

About the show:  I try to have a different theme every week and basically just play anything I like, from Britpop, to hard rock, to electronic! I often have friends in with me to talk about what’s playing and what we like! Tune in!

The Lighthouse Graphic - Logan Bridge_edited.jpg


Thursdays 10 PM - 11 PM


Major / Minor:  History Education

About LOGAN:   Hi! I grew up in Phoenix Arizona, and this is my 8th semester in KJACK! I love movies, video games, skateboarding and music, and although my music taste is all over the place, I love punk and surf rock. You can usually find me at any show or concert downtown, or pulling all-nighters in Cline Library writing papers on obscure historical topics for my major after procrastinating for weeks.

About the show:  The Lighthouse dives into all kinds of surf and punk music, especially genres like riot grrrl, 2nd Wave Punk and Australian surf punk. We have new guests each week, including local musicians and artists, NAU students, and Flagstaff locals, and we discuss everything from new music and DIY tips, to dinosaur facts. Tune in Monday and let the Lighthouse brighten up your night!

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